Brian GIF 1: headbang Brian GIF 2: odd homunculus
Brian GIF 3: toilet totem
Brian GIF 4: static
Brian GIF 5: stained glass
Brian GIF 6: in my house
Brian GIF 7: world-head
Brian GIF 8: iceman
Brian GIF 9: spinning moon
Brian GIF 10: thrashing stained glass man


3D Glitches From A Digital Nightmare

These are GIFs from Brian. We worry about Brian. But seriously- there is something about all of these insane, deformed, low-polygon GIFs that is oddly nostalgic; it reminds me of those late nights playing video games when the disc would get too hot and glitch eerily all over the place. I think that’s why we find these images so interesting and so strangely unsettling: they bring us back to those summer nights when we weren’t quite sure if a ghost had entered the television.

Source: BrianBrianBrianBrianBrianBrian on Tumblr